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Exhibition at Government House Sydney

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Garlands of Poppies

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Margaret Oppen Competition

Our next Margaret Oppen competition will be held in 2019.  This competition aims to encourage original design and excellence in technique in all forms of  embroidery.

The theme for this competition is “SENSATIONS”. This should give you room for lots of imaginative interpretation. Stitching is a very personal, sensory experience.   Various dictionaries define “sensation” in different ways.
For example, the Oxford English Dictionary includes:
          A physical feeling resulting from something that happens to, or comes into contact with, the body
          A general awareness or impression not caused by anything that can be seen or defined
          A widespread reaction of interest and excitement, or a person or thing causing it.

The Macquarie Dictionary mentions:
          the operation or function of the senses
          perception through the senses
          an expression of such a feeling.

As for last year's competition, there will be 3 entry categories: Traditional Embroidery, Contemporary Embroidery, and Tutors and Past Winners.

This advance notice is aimed to stimulate you to generate some ideas and start planning an entry, as it would be great to have  a strong response to showcase the talent of the Guild.

The winners will be announced at a Gala Opening on Friday 27 September 2019. The competition rules will be the same as for 2017, and more details will be published in the newsletter 'The Record' in November this year.