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Margaret Oppen Competition

Margaret Oppen was one of the founders of the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc. She always encouraged individuals to aim for a high standard of work. The Margaret Oppen Competition was initiated in 1978 to foster the achievement of excellence in original embroidery design and technique.

Our next Margaret Oppen competition will be held in 2019.  

The theme for this competition is “SENSATIONS”. This should give you room for lots of imaginative interpretation. Stitching is a very personal, sensory experience.   Various dictionaries define “sensation” in different ways, for example:
The Oxford English Dictionary includes:
          A physical feeling resulting from something that happens to, or comes into contact with, the body
          A general awareness or impression not caused by anything that can be seen or defined
          A widespread reaction of interest and excitement, or a person or thing causing it.
The Macquarie Dictionary mentions:
          the operation or function of the senses
          perception through the senses
          an expression of such a feeling.

Judging categories for this competition are:
          Traditional technique(s)
          Contemporary technique(s)
          Tutors and past winners 

First prize in each category will be $500. Highly Commended certificates may be awarded at the judges' discretion. The winners will be announced on Friday 27 September 2019 and will be exhibited at Gallery76 for approximately one month. The entry form will be published and available early in 2019. 

Conditions of entry:
1. Entries must be an original design and the member's own work. Please abide by copyright legislation when designing your work. Entries can be inspired by other artists' work but not copied. 
2. An Artist’s Statement (maximum 100 words) is to be included with the entry form. 
3. The entrant must be a financial member of The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW Inc.
4. The work must have been completed since September 2017 and not previously exhibited.
5. Each entrant may submit only one entry per category.
6. Entries should be delivered to the Guild's Concord West Headquarters no later than 4pm on Monday 16 September 2019.
7. The maximum size per entry is 1m x 1m for 2 dimensional entries or 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for 3-dimensional ones. Note: these dimensions are the maximum dimensions for any edge. The dimensions are not cumulative. 
8. The judges’ decision will be final. 

See previous competition results in our Photo Galleries