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Craft and Quilt Fair June 2019 - Open Stitching Studio

We are very excited once again to be given the opportunity to showcase the Guild in the Craft & Quilt Fair at the International Conference Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney 19-23 June 2019.
The following information is just an exciting little taste of what is coming, for full details click here  Open Stitching Studio Brief (6 page PDF) and read on for brief details.

The Guild’s feature space in 2019 will be presented as an Open Stitching Studio with 4 distinct and intriguing areas for visitors to be enticed and lured into for a better look;
1 Studio Stitchers
2 Interactive  Work
3 Installation 1 – The Idea of a Sampler
4 Installation 2 – Ways of Seeing: Colours, Patterns & Textures 

Studio Stitchers

A limited number of Guild members will work on their own projects in this area, which will be set up as a small home studio. Each will have their designs, samples, accoutrements and bibs and bobs around them just as they would at home. Visitors cannot help but wander in and chat to the stitcher, watch the stitching and see how embroiderers research and develop their ideas and projects. 


Interactive Work

Mary Brown has designed the interactive work which will be on an adventurous scale. Working with large stitches and thick threads it will be hard for visitors to resist stitching small pieces to add to the interactive work or perhaps to take away with them.  We will require a starting stash for this work in progress and will be asking members to help out by stitching small pieces prior to Craft and Quilt Fair. More details on this soon.  

Installations 1 and 2. Members and Groups are invited and encouraged to be a part of this exciting programme by participating in the following two fabulous Wall Installations. 

Installation 1 – The Idea of a Sampler 

Do you love the beautiful historical European embroidery samplers? Have you ever dared to dream of “reworking one your way?”  Yes? Then read on for an exciting chance to do something similar. Even more exciting is possibly using machine embroidery for one option of Installation 1. Samplers have had a resurgence of popularity and this concept aligns with the 2019 Festival of Samplers Exhibition at the Guild. 

Members are asked to stitch their own sampler referencing historical European embroidery samplers and using one of these three options;

     A Characteristics of the historical sampler or;
     B   Conceptual aspect of the historical sampler or;
     C Contemporise the historical samplers both technically and conceptually

The full explanation of guidelines to be followed are found in the comprehensive Brief pages 1-3 , along with photos and suggestions for threads, fabrics, techniques, colour, size etc. 


Installation 2 – Ways of Seeing: Colours, Patterns, & Textures

Perhaps you love the thought of working outside of the box? Installation 2 is suitable for hand and/or machine embroidery and wearables too. Conventional or unconventional, all fabrics and threads will be suitable. Consider unusual threads such as wires and cords from a hardware store and fishing line from a fishing shop.  
The first part of the title has been appropriated from John Berger’s very famous book Ways of Seeing, published in 1972. Members are asked to make wall works based on the following prerequisites;
A Contemporary Subject and Content and
B Stitching is to reign supreme and
C Unique colour palettes and
D Feature patterns and/or textures

The full explanation of guidelines to be followed are found in the comprehensive Brief pages 4-6 , along with photos and suggestions for fabrics and threads, colour palette, size etc.  


The name/s of the embroiderer/s is to be clearly shown on the work. It can appear anywhere on the work. The name could be stitched as part of the design (in the case of a Sampler) or it could be stitched or written (pen) and attached as a slip. 

Colour, pattern and texture are to be the heroines of Installation1 and 2.

Colour, Fabric, Thread – there is no prescribed details, but think unusual and unconventional.

All works will be hung/pinned on the walls. No 3D works (unless it can hang on the walls). The walls are black in colour which should be considered in the design process.

Visitors to the Fair – check out the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW – Open Stitching Studio stand at the Craft and Quilt Fair in 2019, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here for Open Stitching Studio Brief (6 page PDF which can be printed)

For more information about the Craft and Quilt Fair click here