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Craft Trust News

Over the last few months, the Craft Trust has received a number of very generous donations from both named and anonymous donors.  These are combining with other “one–off” donations and regular giving arrangements to help us to see a steady increase in our fund raising.  Thank you to all our members who have been so generous and who are contributing to the fundraising impetus.   

Please keep in mind the benefits of making a tax deductible donation to the Craft Trust this financial year.
I recently attended a meeting arranged by the Capital Campaign Committee where several   people with expertise in bequests and corporate fundraising provided very helpful insight into additional ways that we can increase our fund raising efforts without each individual member having to feel an onerous burden.  Most banks and large corporations have a scheme where they match the charitable fund raising efforts of their employees, and this may be something that can be explored to our benefit.  Perhaps you have a family member who is employed in such a company?  The concept of special occasion giving is becoming increasingly popular and I experienced this just last weekend at a party where the host suggested no presents, but donations to the Royal Flying Doctors.   Instead of a gift voucher, a donation to The Embroiderers’ Guild NSW could be arranged. There are many occasions including birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries where you might prefer to raise funds for your embroidery passion than receive chocolates or gifts that you do not quite know what to do with.
I will be available to talk to people about different options for making a tax deductible donation to the Craft Trust.  I am also very happy to explain the way a recurring donation can be made using internet banking for a direct transfer.  This is a very practical way of making a regular contribution and you will receive a recept for tax purposes at the end of the financial year.  If you would like some help setting this up, I could step you through the process.  You would need to have internet banking already established.
I am also happy to speak to you by phone on 02 9744 6283 after hours or communicate by email
Lizette Campbell
Chair, Craft Trust

Why not join us by donating to help preserve a wonderful legacy for future generations with a love of embroidery!

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