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Due to COVID-19 restrictions Junior Stitchers activities are suspended.

Junior Stitchers (formerly known as the Young Textile and Fibre Group YTFG) started in March 1995. With little formal needlecraft taught in schools today and families often busy or scattered, many children do not have any exposure to needle or fibre arts.  

In Junior Stitchers the emphasis is on creativity and fun rather than on the formal learning of techniques!

The Embroiderers Guild NSW Inc, has a wide network of experienced embroiderers and many members who are interested in supporting and actively encouraging the young, set up Clubs in NSW to provide practical backup.
Junior Stitchers is open to those aged between 5 to 16 years.

Junior Stitchers Clubs
There are Clubs in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area, regional and country areas. Each Club is guided by a Club Leader who is assisted by, and responsible to, the Junior Stitchers Committee.

Club Days
Clubs meet monthly, or only in the school holidays, to suit individual circumstances. Each Club has a Leader, assisted by helpers drawn from Guild members. All Club Leaders hold current "Working with Children" certification. Meetings normally take the form of an informal workshop with children working on a different theme at each day and producing something to take home at the end of the day.

Events at Guild Headquarters at Concord West
There is a small ongoing programme of classes and workshops at Headquarters each year for which there will be a class fee.

For more information phone the Guild on 02 9743 2501 or Contact Us

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