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WRAP Group (Wagga Research, Adapt & Produce)

Meetings: This group has irregular meeting dates
Contact: Robin Kaltenbach (Convenor) 
or Annette Glare
Tel: 0423 101 966 Email:
Meets at: Guild Headquarters, Concord West

About our group:

This group was formed in 2007 by 10 members with an interest in researching the history of Wagga quilts used in the 19th and 20th centuries in rural areas of Australia. These quilts are an important example of the Australian practice of reusing materials, or 'making do', when resources are scarce. The group has researched and collated information on this topic and then produced some modern-day works based on the theme. There is a copy of our catalogue, ‘Wrap Unwrapped’ in the Guild's library.

The work and exhibition took on its own life, and led us to similar quilts in all parts of the world. We received some very interesting original information from an interesting cross section of people with their memories of the “wagga rug”. The exhibition went to a number of locations throughout NSW, and we gave many talks on the history and the results of our research. Throughout we maintained a comprehensive blog, tracking the life of our research, exhibitions, and dates of ongoing talks.