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Concord West Day Group

Group name: Concord West Day Group
Where we meet: Guild Headquarters at 76 Queen Street, Concord West NSW 2138
When: 4th Friday of every month (February to November)
Time: 10am to 2pm
Cost: $5 per meeting
Contact:  Email: or phone 02 9743 2501 for details

About our group:

Our very friendly social group meets during the day every 4th Friday at Guild Headquarters. We are privileged to see all the monthly displays which are the backdrop to our meetings. Each member of our group works on their own individual projects. It is almost a monthly ritual to progressively work your way around the room talking to and inspecting everyone’s old and new projects. Some are from kits or class work items. Others are individual designs. Members are always tempted to experiment with new stitching techniques. There is a vast variety of styles and interests ranging from goldwork to cross stitch to candlewicking, and everyone is always more than ready to help with stitches, ideas and encouragement. We all look forward to each monthly meeting to catch up and embroider.

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