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Looked At ... And Overlooked
Curated by Mary Brown
1 - 27 May 2024

Looked At ... And Overlooked pays homage to remarkable women whose achievements have been excluded from successive histories written by men.

Curator Mary Brown has drawn together other artists and thought leaders to collaborate on this exhibition, including author Dijanna Mulhearn, Gaylene McCaw and Meredith Paterson of the Couture Arts Fashion Academy (CAFA) and embroidery artists Sharyn Hutchens, Jaci Heyman and Margaret Smith.

Featuring innovative art wearables, embroidery, collages and more, the exhibition celebrates a selection of fascinating women, spanning ancient Greece to the present.

Yearning for Happiness
By Alice Cheung
2 - 27 May 2024

We are extremely excited to be welcoming Alice Cheung to Gallery76 with her embroidery exhibition Yearning for Happiness.

Alice has worked as an artist, educator and editor in Hong Kong and undertaken studies in the UK, including a Master of Arts in London. She moved to Sydney during the midst of COIVD-19 lockdowns.

Suffering a creative block during this turbulent time, she found comfort in recreating one of Gustav Klimt's works in embroidery and unexpectedly found inspiration in this process. Her stitched works infuse a new perspective into familiar images as they are re-imagined with needle and thread.

TEXStyle 2024
Presented by the Technology Educators Association of NSW
3 March - 26 April 2024

The TEXStyle exhibition is an annual showcase of excellence in HSC Textiles and Design, enjoyed by both the education sector and wider community.

Gallery76 is delighted to host TEXStyle for a third year. The 2024 exhibition will feature 34 Major Textile Projects selected from approximately 1,550 submitted across NSW for the 2023 HSC. Projects displayed will include furnishings, apparel, textile art and costume.

Free entry to general public during regular gallery hours (weekdays 9-4 and weekends 10-2).

School Excursions
Several different event types are offered to high schools:

  • Student Seminars
  • Self-Guided Tours
  • Self-Guided Tours with Embroidery Workshop
Click here for more information and to book.

Pictured: TEXStyle 2023 exhibits. (Grey Photography: Phong Lam and Annie Nguyen - Principal Photographer.)

Community Garden - Collaborative Art Project
By Julie Paterson, Gallery76 and 'Gardeners'
1 March - 21 April 2024

We invite you to visit our vibrant cloth garden!.

This exhibition is the result of a group art project between Gallery76, cloth designer and printer Julie Paterson and a wonderful group of collaborators (our 'gardeners').

The project began with participants each submitting a basic drawing of a plant from their local area. Julie printed these onto 8m of gorgeous linen which was then divvied up amongst the group.

'Gardeners' were given free rein to create whatever they liked with their panel of fabric.

The result of the remarkable creative outpouring that followed can be seen in our Community Garden exhibition. We hope you enjoy it!

The Fred and Elinor Wrobel Collection - Textiles and Embellished Treasures
2 - 28 February 2024

Gallery76 is honoured to host this sale of textiles from the renowned Elinor and Fred Wrobel Collection.

Over many decades, the Wrobels were influential in Sydney’s cultural life as avid art collectors, owners of the Woolloomooloo Gallery and as curators.

Textiles form a particularly significant part of the Collection, amassed primarily by Elinor over an incredible six decades. Her passion for textiles was inspired by an aunt who taught her to sew as a child. Naturally drawn to wearable art, this evolved into a broader passion for textiles as a medium. It is perhaps telling that in a wonderful home full of art, Elinor’s own bedroom was hung almost entirely with textiles. In 2006, her service to the arts and community earned her an OAM.

This exhibition reflects the Wrobels’ extraordinary vision and interests as diverse as ancient Coptic textiles, 17th Century stump work, Chinese goldwork and contemporary art. It is named after a 1993 touring exhibition of textiles from the Wrobel Collection, many of which are included in this show.

Fred died in 2015 and Elinor in March 2023.Shortly before her death at the age of 89,the indefatigable Elinor had been working with auction house Bonhams on a sale of her artworks. This along with several other auctions has now taken place. Textiles and Embellished Treasures is another step in sharing her remarkable legacy. Elinor described herself as “custodian” of the works in the Collection and we hope that visitors will appreciate them as much as she did. Some may even choose to purchase their own ‘treasure’ from the exhibition, and continue its care for future generations to enjoy.

To download a schedule of the exhibited works, please click here

At the End of the Trail: An Exhibition by Julya Hegarty
2 - 27 February 2024

The Exhibition

As an artist, my work is a personal journey that delves deep into the realm of emotional memory. Through my large raffia woven panels, I aim to capture and depict the vivid recollections of my childhood spent in the Yodda Valley, nestled in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, at the end of the Kokoda Trail. This collection of abstract artworks serves as a visual diary, a testament to the profound impact that this unique environment had on shaping my identity and perspective.

The Yodda Valley holds a special place in my heart. It was a sanctuary of tranquility where nature danced harmoniously with the rich indigenous cultural heritage of the region. Each woven panel is a tapestry of memories, intricately crafted with raffia to encapsulate the essence of my experiences. The vibrant hues reflect the joy and wonder that permeated my days, while the intricate patterns mirror the complexity and depth of my memories.

Ultimately, my artworks seek to capture the essence of this special place and time. It is my hope that their abstract nature allows viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and nostalgia of my childhood home in Papua New Guinea and enjoy their own journey to the Yodda Valley.

The Artist

Julya Hegarty is a multidisciplinary artist based on the Sunshine Coast on the land of the Gubbi Gubbi people, where she  creates her captivating artworks from her home studio. Influenced by her social surroundings and driven by her investigations into her familial history and identity, Julya's pieces are a reflection of her deep connection to her roots. 

As a self-taught textile artist, Julya's work is characterised by its unique blend of techniques, textures, and colours. She skillfully weaves together different materials to create visually stunning and thought provoking pieces that invite viewers to explore their own personal  narratives.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Julya's art captures the essence of her experiences and emotions, offering glimpses into her world and inviting others to connect with their own stories.

Margaret Oppen Prize 2023
8 December 2023 - 29 January 2024

The Margaret Oppen Prize was initiated in the 1970s to foster excellence in original embroidery design and technique. Margaret Oppen, one of the founders of the Embroiderers' Guild NSW, was a driving force in promoting modern approaches to embroidery. This exhibition showcases 2023 competition entrants, all of whom have responded to the theme of 'Wonderland'.

Pictured: First Prize, General Category 2021 "Underlying Condition" by Susan Johnson.

Gala Opening
Join us at the opening event and prize announcement - all welcome!

Special guest: Monica Oppen, granddaughter of Margaret Oppen, who will present the prizes

Sunday, 10 December 2023
3.30pm - 5pm

$10pp (to cover catering).
RSVP via Guild office on 02 9743 2501 by 7 December.

Student Showcase Embroiderers' Guild NSW
8 December 2023 - 29 January 2024

The Embroiderers' Guild NSW is a non-profit membership body for anyone and everyone who loves to stitch or would like to learn. Teaching is core to its mission, and it delivers a comprehensive offering for beginners through to experienced embroiderers. Audiences will be astonished at the quality and innovation of the student work on show.

The Sum of Us by The Design Divas
6 October - 5 November 2023

The Sum of Us explores concepts of unity and strength. Members of the Design Divas have each created new work in response to this prompt, with some expressing the importance of personal relationships and others taking a broader view as to how they interact with the world around them. While each artist draws upon their individual experiences, they appreciate the creative interactions which emerge via the group's supportive environment.

The Design Divas are challenging the boundaries of contemporary stitch and design, while promoting the use of embroidery as an art form. They formed following the completion of an advanced class at the Embroiderers Guild NSW which taught students to think 'outside the box' while using needle and thread. This is their first major exhibition.

Events Program (flyer)

Pictured: A Bird s Eye View of Us: Walking with Drone by Helen Inglis.

Circular Striations by Sara Prince
5 October - 7 November 2023

Sara Prince is a weaver and textile artist. After a hiatus to raise her family, she has returned to her practise of weaving.

Sara's work reflects an intuitive and personal response to the natural and built environment, reflecting the idea of journey and movement through thread. Life has moved full circle bring to bring her back to weaving; this has been a slow, steady movement.

Image: Knotted Tufts by Sara Prince

Whispers in Fabric: A Symphony of Abstract Textile Art
Helen Parsons and Joanne Steele
9 November - 6 December 2023

In Whispers in Fabric: A Symphony of Abstract Textile Art, the two artists Helen Parsons and Joanne Steele have collaborated to explore the potential of textiles as an art practice and a medium of abstract expression. Their harmonious interweaving of ideas and artistic works will inspire viewers, inviting them to see textile art through a new perspective.

The exhibition is a fusion of colours, forms and techniques composed to provoke thought and invite interpretation. It is an expression of the limitless potential that lies within the medium of textile, as it transcends its utilitarian origins to become a medium for abstract art. Showcased in the exhibition are a diverse range of wall hangings and sculptural works.

Opening Event
Join us to celebrate the opening!
Thursday, 9 November 2023
6pm - 7.30pm
Attendance free; bookings essential. Click here.

Unfoldings and Entanglements
Tina Marais
9 November - 4 December 2023

This exhibition questions the entanglements of human bodies and materials, the concept of layers or the "skin" of things. Using folding and layered structures as a visual narrative, artist Tina Marais interrogates philosophical approaches to the interaction and agency between human and non-human matter and systems. The work presented is predominantly in natural fibres, linen and hemp, which use less water in the production process, are ancient traditions and extremely durable and malleable. Tina Marais has exhibited extensively in her native Canada as well as internationally, including the World Textile Art Biennale in the USA

Redefining the Basket curated by Lissa-Jane de Sailles
7 September - 4 October 2023

What is a basket and how does basket making bridge traditional and contemporary art?

Traditionally baskets have been viewed as utilitarian objects yet, many contemporary artists have been employing or are returning to traditional basketry techniques to explore their art practices.

This exhibition brings together an eclectic group of artists to show the diverse ways that basket making has been redefined through innovative use of techniques, materials, images and meanings.

Ten artists from the USA and ten from Australia have each chosen a piece or pieces from existing bodies of work or have created new works in response to the theme: 'Redefining the Basket'.

Exhibition curator Lissa-Jane de Sailles is a fibre artist who specialises in traditional and contemporary basketry. Her interests include the history of contemporary fibre art in Australia and the USA, as well as teaching, travelling and making in her studio on Jerrinja and Wandi Wandian Land on the South East Coast of NSW.

Lissa-Jane joined the American National Basketry Organization (NBO) in 2015, and in June 2023 was the first international instructor to be included in their conference workshop programme.

The opening event will take place on Saturday, 9 September 2023, 4pm-5.30pm.

Pictured: Three Clowns by Phu La.

Evoke by Cheryl Kennedy
7 September - 4 October 2023

Cheryl Kennedy has created a multi-disciplinary body of work, reflecting her deep connection to Victorian farming country. Her history includes a long line of hard-working, powerful women, who shared their time, skills and stories.

The materials once used and processes once learned, are no longer employed in the production of the practical and functional but have been repurposed into an evocative new context.
Cheryl Kennedy is an assemblage artist based in the rural town of Castlemaine, Central Victoria. Her creative practice explores wire, textiles and collaborative installations. This creativity was triggered by her return to the countryside of her youth, after more than four decades of city living.

Australian Fibre Art Awards
5 August - 3 September 2023

The Australian Fibre Art Award (AFAA) showcases the incredible talent of fibre artists from across Australia. First held in 2021, this biennial competition offers a non-acquisitive prize of $2,000. Contemporary artists are invited to submit recent, unseen works made of any fibre-related media, with an expert panel assessing criteria including creativity and technical execution.

AFAA is organised by independent publishing company ArtWear Publications Pty Ltd, producer of quality magazines for the textile and fibre arts, and more recently vintage lovers as well. The Embroiderers Guild NSW is proud to sponsor AFFA and nurture talented fibre artists from across the nation.

The exhibition of AFAA 2023 finalists will be held at host venue Gallery76, with the winner announced at the opening event on Saturday, 5 August.

Click here for more information on the Awards. Attendance is free; bookings essential. Click here to book

Thrifty by Julie Paterson
28 June - 2 August 2023

We have a huge month planned with the incredible Julie Paterson - painter, printmaker, designer of textiles and brand-new potter. Find her on Instagram @ClothJulie.

Thrifty is an exhibition by artist and textile designer Julie Paterson, focussing on the beauty of visible mending, the joy of repair and the spirit of creative community. Using scraps from her own ClothFabric designs and other pieces that hold significance, Julie s new work will showcase salvaged and mended furnishings and artworks that enrich homes with personal histories.

Thrift - it s not a making-do that we grit our teeth for in tough times. Thrift is about care, economy and empowerment. Thrift slows us down and manages resources for a more sustainable life. Being thrifty is how we can thrive as individuals and communities.

Julie will be in residence during her exhibition, creating a large-scale collaborative artwork with locals, using plants they have grown or foraged in their neighbourhood.

Entitled Community Garden, this hand-printed and slow-stitched artwork will celebrate the nurturing power of working together creatively to make beneficial change.

Teen Workshop - Alter Ego fabric printing
Join us in the July school holidays for a playful printmaking workshop where you create a multi-layered and colourful version of the other you a portrait that s better than any selfie!

Tuesday, 11 July, 10.30am - 3.30pm
Prices from $135. Creative Kids Vouchers accepted.
Click here for more information / bookings.

In Conversation by Tara Glastonbury and quilt artists
27 May - 25 June 2023

Social media gives artists the ability to access ideas, opportunities and peers in a direct and immediate way leading to connections and collaborations that would not have been possible in the past.

For many, the online community has led to discovering a whole new genre of art-making and large groups of people with shared textile interests a revelation for those who have worked in isolation.

To explore this concept further Tara Glastonbury invited a group of Australian artists to engage in a quilt dialog with an international artist they first connected with online. Each pair then developed an approach in conversation exchanging materials, celebrating a shared love, building on similarities in style, or meeting in person to create together.

This exhibition is the result of these conversations and sees some of the biggest names in modern quilting exhibiting here for the first time, alongside their Australian counterparts.

Pictured: Magic in Melbourne by Irene Roderick.
Events Program

Artist & Curator Talk
Saturday, 27 May 2023
Tickets from $20

Opening Event
Saturday, 27 May 2023
Free (bookings essential)

Click here for tickets

Bread for all and roses too by Henrietta Cheshire
4 - 25 May 2023
Thread artist Henrietta Cheshire travels through time to rescue stories of forgotten women and tell them in stitch. In her first solo exhibition, Bread for all and roses too, she explores the treatment of women in the workplace, with particular focus on the Victorian era. Henrietta is currently studying with the Royal School of Needlework and her art has been exhibited at the Greve Museum, Denmark, the Museum of Sydney and the MCA, Sydney.

Pictured: Uterus slipper (framed version) by Henrietta Cheshire.

Sojourn by Nonie Sutcliffe
6 - 24 May 2023

This series was created by Victoria textile and mixed media artist Nonie Sutcliffe as COVID-19 lockdowns rolled on. Her sense of a solitary place in this time was inspired by her dwarf Ginkgo tree on the back veranda and the way the leaves shed over autumn with her anticipation that lockdown would be better in the spring. Alas, it lasted well into summer and way beyond! The Ginkgo leaf has become her symbol of strength, hope and peace, and these are depicted in works on vintage and "Boro" cloth from Japan, with waxed quilting threads.

Pictured: Sojourn #8 by Nonie Sutcliffe

TEXStyle 2023

Presented by the Technology Educators Association of NSW

5 March - 28 April 2023

The TEXStyle exhibition is an annual showcase of excellence in HSC Textiles and Design to both the education sector and wider community.

Gallery76 is delighted to host this TEXStyle for a second year. The exhibition features 37 exceptional pieces chosen from nearly 1,400 submitted across NSW, and includes formal gowns, theatrical costumes, home furnishings and more.

Free entry during regular gallery hours (weekdays 9-4 and weekends 10-2).

School Excursions

High schools can book self-guided excursions to TEXStyle 2023. A booklet is provided to help students navigate the exhibition.

Dates: 14th March - 6th April
Time: 3 Sessions per day 9.00am, 11.00am & 1.00pm
Cost: $ 10.00 per student (accompanying teacher is FREE)
Note: Maximum 20 students per session

Click here to book excursions.

Click here to find out more about TEXStyle.

April Holidays Workshop for Teens

As part of our celebration of young talent in the TEXStyle exhibition, we are launching a new series of school holiday workshops just for teens!

In April, learn to embroider flower and leaf patterns to create a gorgeous, personalized tote bag. All materials provided.

Click here for more information or to book.

Woven Landscapes by Branching Out Designs

27 January - 28 February 2023

Sisters Jillian Culey and Carolyn Dance creatively interpret the natural world wide vistas through to intricate details - via spectacular woven creations.

Please join us for the opening event on Saturday, 28 January 2023, 4pm-5.30pm. Click here for more information or to book.

Weathering a Life by Barbara Dawson

27 January - 27 February 2023

Barbara explores notions of place and memory through abstract works of textiles, drawings and collograph prints.

Please join us for the opening event on Saturday, 28 January 2023, 4pm-5.30pm. Click here for more information or to book.

Exhibition: 2 December 2022 22 January 2023

The Embroiderers' Guild NSW is a not-for-profit membership body for anyone and everyone who loves to stitch, would love to learn or is just interested in textiles.

Teaching embroidery and textile art at all levels of aspiration, confidence and achievement is core to our mission.

Our Education Program provides a comprehensive offering, including:
- Summer School: An intensive period of classes held each January.

- Workshops: Sessions throughout the year, consisting of a few hours through to a couple of days, which focus on mastering a particular technique.

- Courses: A timetable of regular classes which might last a year or more. These require more commitment, but the creative rewards are big too! These are often held 'live', but many can also be completed by correspondence to suit regional audiences.

We are immensely proud to present this exhibition showcasing pieces produced by students from our Education Program. Some participants are beginners and others have been stitching for many years, but all bring creativity, skill and a willingness to learn something new.

Saturday, 3 December
Gallery76, 76 Queen St, Concord West, 2138

Free entry, bookings essential. Click here to book.
Sparkling wine will be available for $5 per glass

'Moving Forward'- Design Divas Exhibition

Exhibition: 6-31 October 2022

Design Divas is a group of artists which began the Contemporary Stitch and Design Course with Mary Brown in 2017 and 2019. This exhibition grew out of the idea of 'Moving Forward'. Come along to the exhibition to see how each of us has interpreted this theme - some of us used COVID as the catalyst, others have used the 2019 Bushfires, and yet others have used the concept of the evolution of humanity.

The Roma Field Traditional Embroidery Competition

Exhibition: 6-31 October 2022

The Roma Field Competition is designed to foster the achievement of excellence in traditional embroidery design and technique.

Roma Field was one of the founders of the Embroiderers' Guild NSW and was particularly interested in encouraging traditional embroidery. She was an outstanding embroiderer who was dedicated to encouraging embroiderers to achieve excellent results through learning and developing skills in traditional embroidery.

Roma was President and Chairman of the Guild, and, later a Trustee. She taught traditional embroidery classes and regularly judged competitions, not only for the Guild but also for the Country Women's Association and the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales.

Much of her embroidery appears in 'A Lifetime of Embroidery' by Roma Field which was prepared and published by the St Ives Group of the Embroiderers' Guild in 1980.

We would like to congratulate: 

       Yvette Stanton (@vettycreations) for winning the Tutor Category for her elegant mask, and; 

       Robyn Haug for winning the General Member Category for her impeccable hardanger mat.  

Thank you to all of the other entrants who invested their time and creativity to produce truly spectacular pieces. Our exhibition showcases the entries in this inaugural year of the Roma Field Competition - on display until October 31.

Future Exhibitions

Threads that Connect Us

​Exhibition: 2-28 November 2022

Engaging in textile crafts with other people has long been essential to the life of many communities. In November, the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW, University of New South Wales Art & Design and the Social Outfit have partnered to deliver 'Threads That Connect Us' to showcase the individual and community benefits of stitching together.

This unique program will see a diverse group of refugee and new migrant women gather to stitch, share stories, connect and create as an embroidery community. Gallery76 will be transformed into an inspiring working 'studio'; with the walls adorned with mood boards, thought-provoking artworks and stunning textiles from various cultures. 

We invite you to visit throughout November 2022 to both enjoy the exhibition and witness the progression of the embroideries being created. Additionally, celebrate with us at the Public Showcase event to celebrate the completion of the program on Saturday November 26 from 4 to 5:30pm.  Attendance is free but reserving and booking your place is essential (Book here).

Under Cover by Samantha Tannous
4 May- 1 June 2022

Featuring bright, textural works which layer colourful metaphors of conspicuous camouflage from the animal and insect worlds onto the complex female psyche. Works include wall hangings and soft sculptures felted from hand-dyed silk and merino wool.

Rock Pool Wanderings - Exploration of Identity by Julya Hegarty
5 May - 2 June 2022

Julya Hegarty has used the landscapes surrounding her Sunshine Coast home to consider beach life and its link to Australian character. Her Rock Pool Wanderings - Exploration of Identity features stunning wall pieces and sculptural Raffia textiles. 

Heirloom - A Celebration of Herstories by Grace Pundyk
April 2 - May 1 2022

Heirloom: A Celebration of Herstoriesis a celebration of inheritance, of grandmothers, of the ephemeral wild and those invisible threads that move and shape us no matter how seemingly distant and unknown. Taking inspiration from the traditional Polish ‘wianek’ (flower crown), each wearable piece utilises vintage Polish linen Australiana textiles, Japanese linen/ silk threads, and materials from the wild to sustain a matrilineal thread across generations and geographies. 

This exhibition will be opened on Saturday 2 April by the Polish Consular General, Ms Monika Konczyk from 4-5:30pm. You're invited ! Please book and there is a cover charge of $10pp to cover catering.  

Discover Embroidery
Student Open Day Saturday April 9 and Teacher Open Day April 10 2022

For students come and see the exhibition of HSC Major Works, contemplate them and draw on them for inspiration. Our student centric Open Day gives you an opportunity to experiment with some embroidery stitches, some helpful talks, tours and resources. The cost is $8 per student and includes a creative goodie bag. A separate stream for teachers allows everyone to experience what the Guild has to offer and includes morning tea and materials for $12. Teachers in training are especially welcome ! Please register your interest in these programs to avoid disappointment, due to COVID restrictions on numbers pre-registration is essential.

Wild Wool - Australian Felt Art

Friday March 4 to Tuesday March 29 2022

This is a composite exhibition featuring 32 pieces of felt art created by 14 talented artists located across Australia. 

TEXStyle - Showcasing Major Textiles Projects from 2021 HSC
March 8 - 25 2022

The future of textile art is in great hands. We are delighted to showcase for the first time the outstanding artistic endeavours of 40 young, emerging creators and textile artists that had submitted their Major Textiles Projects for the NSW Higher School Certificate. Bookings essential - please set aside 90 minutes to see the exhibition.(Link to portal to book a class excursion) During this exhibition period, the Guild will host a series of Open Days for teachers and students alike. Expect loads of helpful embroidery tips and resources to take home ! Exhibition details

ReCover by Barbara Dawson

January/February 2022

Barbara Dawson's work is 'muted and moody'. Her exhibition explores the recovery after the Australian bush fires. Through the alchemy of ecological contact printing with plants and slow, meditative stitching on recycled cloth the experience of her crossings over this landscape is traced and recalled. 

Rachel Gooden's Pinned with Thread

January/February 2022

A museum's etymological collection is painstakingly brought to life in thread and accoutrements by regional artist Rachel Gooden @stitch_and_bone. The pieces are beyond incredible. Come and see these exquisitely embellished works. They absolutely need to be enjoyed up close and in person to appreciate the perfection and detail this self-trained artist has achieved. 

Wildflower - works by Jo Steele

January/February 2022

Jo Steele's beautiful contemporary pieces explore the form, colour and beauty of wildflowers. A feast for the eyes and a delight to all lovers of embroidery. Jo's pieces are filled with myriads of layered textural stitches - her detail and the beauty of her work astounds.

Still Life in the Old Girl Yet

New Dates Friday November 5 (5pm virtual opening) to Sunday December 5 2021

A solo exhibition at Gallery 76 by artist Joy Smith.  Joy's work is bright and features still life depictions of everyday objects. Come and examine how Joy has transformed these objects, celebrating them and rendering them in texture and with threads.

Although the gallery is open to the public 7 days a week, we have decided to take the exhibition opening online due to ongoing capacity restrictions.  Join us at 5pm AEST on Friday November 5 for the official opening which includes a virtual tour and a brief address by Joy.  The opening will be hosted over Zoom.  Tickets are free and bookings are essential and can be made here.

Margaret Oppen Prize 2021
October 2021

This prestigious prize was initiated in the 1970s to foster the achievement of excellence in original embroidery design and technique.

Margaret Oppen was one of the founders of the Embroiderers’ Guild NSW and was a driving force in promoting modern approaches to embroidery in NSW.

Click on these items for the announced details with some glorious photos!
Margaret Oppen Competition 2021 - Winners Highly Commended.pdf
Margaret Oppen Competition 2021 - Tutors and Past Winners.pdf
Margaret Oppen Competition 2021 - General Members.pdf

Festival of Lane Conference Lectures Online

February 2021

This past conference is available online to stream or download.
There are 10 Conference lectures + plus bonus tour of Lace Exhibition at Gallery76 to view at your leisure.
Click here for more information and link to purchase.

AFAA Australian Fibre Art Awards
September 2021

We are very pleased to announce that we will be hosting the first biennial Australian Fibre Art Awards at Gallery76 this September. The Award includes a $2000 prize and one-off publication for a practising Australian Fibre artist.

Due to COVID, this Exhibition will be opened via Zoom at 4pm on Saturday 4 September 2021.

Click here for more information