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Upcoming Workshops

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Workshops run from 10am to 3:30 pm ( unless otherwise stated).

Venue for Workshops is 76 Queen St, Concord West

Click on Workshop title for more information. 

  Creative Surface Stitches, texture, colour and collage
Effie Mitrofanis
Sun 10 Feb, Sun 10 March and Sun 19 May
  Contemporary Stitch and Design Course 
Machine Embroidery Module

Kath Wilkinson
Sat 9 Feb, Sat 9 March, Sat 13 April
Festival of Samplers 2019

The English Garden Band Sampler

Di Fisher
There are 7 bands in the Sampler running from February to June 2019,
you can do all 7 bands or individual bands. 



Can't see a workshop that interests you? Register your interest with the Guild and, if enough people are interested in the same technique/topic as you, we'll create a workshop!

Alternatively, get together with 8 of your friends and have your own workshop tailored to your interests - a great way to spend some time together and create something beautiful at the same time.