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Upcoming Workshops

Check out our 4 new Scholarships available for New Members, click here:  New Members Education Scholarships

Workshops run from 10am to 3:30 pm ( unless otherwise stated).

Venue for Workshops is 76 Queen St, Concord West

Click on Workshop title for more information. 

The Guild offers both Workshops and Courses. The list below are the Workshops.  The Courses can be found here


  Contemporary Abstract Stitched Art
Helen Parsons
Sat 17 and Sat 24 July
By Attendance
  Extensions 2021
Effie Mitrofanis
13 and 14 March
8 May
14 August
30 Oct

  Intense Pencil Colouring Course
Lyall Willins
4th Wed each month Mar to Nov
10am -1pm
  Draw and Stitch what you 'feel'
Barbara Dawson
Sat 24 July

Stitch Technique Module
Sharyn Hutchens
4th Saturday each month beginning 28 August
  Getting Ready for Christmas - A Beginners Workshop
Margaret Gollan
Sat 25 and Sun 26 Sept
   Design  Workshop -Day1
Mary Brown
Sat 9 Oct
   Design Workshop - Day2
Mary Brown
Sun 10 Oct
  Colour Workshop
Kath Wilkinson
Sun 17 October

 Monarch Butterfly
Alison Cole
Sat 27 and Sun 28 November

 Art Decofly
Alison Cole
Mon 29 and Tue 30 Nov 
   Contemporary Stitch and Design Modules 
   If interested in any of the following workshops,  please contact the Guild and register your details.
There is no current date set at present. 

Study to Stitch

Can't see a workshop that interests you? Register your interest with the Guild and, if enough people are interested in the same technique/topic as you, we'll create a workshop!

Alternatively, get together with 8 of your friends and have your own workshop tailored to your interests - a great way to spend time together and create something beautiful.