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Design Workshop Day 2


Mary Brown

Duration 1 day
Dates Sun 10 Oct
Fees Members $90  Non-Members $110
Fees Due By 9 Sept
Venue  76 Queen St, Concord West


Mary Brown

Saturday 9 October 

10am to 3.30pm

The Design Workshop on Saturday 9 October 2021 is purely a theoretical day, as mentioned in the advertisement for that day. This is a follow-up day and will be a practical designing day. The objective for the day is to have a design completed for a stitched work. The design will be created from primary and secondary sources. Each design will employ prescribed elements and principles of designs. The aim is not to create literal images from your sources. 

The following quote has been taken from a didactic board accompanying a painting by the German contemporary artist, Thomas Scheibitz, exhibited in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich.

‘Thomas Scheibitz’s paintings are based on sources he has been collecting for many years, building a meticulously kept personal archive. These so-called secondary materials consist of illustrations in art-historical literature, reproductions from fashion, music, or architecture magazines, as well as the artist’s own photographs and sketches….Working with these sources, Scheibitz isolates formal elements he then develops into paintings or sculptures, a process that entails a prolonged transformation of the motif… which a recognizable reference to reality is retained….’

Preparation for this workshop involves you, the participant, bringing a collection of primary and secondary sources to the workshop that are relevant to narratives in your mind that you may wish to realise in a stitched work. 

Any enquiries, please contact Mary Brown on 0407500 331 or email her at

 At least two designs will be done over the day. The designs will be created from photos taken specifically for the workshop. Each design will employ prescribed elements and principles of designs. The aim is not to create literal images from the primary sources. 

Preparation for this workshop involves YOU, the participant, taking photos of:

  • Crowd situations 

  • Cityscapes (buildings, shop fronts, etc – take photos from different angles) 

  • Landscapes (can be gardens) – take photos from a distance as well as close ups – take these from different perspectives

The photos must have great clarity and are to be printed in colour on A4 paper. Bring at least four photos for each group. On the day, please bring:

  • Mary Brown’s booklet on Design Elements and Principles

  • Photos (as prescribed above)

  • Good quality sheets of drawing paper or an artist’s journal

  • Tracing paper 

  • Drawing materials – artline pens or/and ‘lead’ pencils which must be at least B or above.

  • Ruler

Any enquiries, please contact Mary Brown on 98581326 or email her at 



Thomas Scheibitz’s painting exhibited in the 

Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich 2017 

(Photo taken by Mary Brown)


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