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Practical Teaching Skills Micro Lesson

Tutor Chris Bennett

 Sun 20 January 2019  10.00am to 3.30pm  

Venue 76 Queen St Concord West 
Fees Members $75    Non-Members $90
Fees due by  Thu 30 November 2018

Chris conducts this course for those wishing to be become Accredited Guild tutors.  Students complete a number of assessment tasks over six months culminating in a one-day workshop.

Should you be interested in becoming a Guild tutor and wish to discover more about the course, contact Chris via

Enrol in this Class
You can book a place in this class by
contacting the Embroiderers' Guild NSW.

Some classes will have an additional charge for kits - please enquire at the time of booking.

All class bookings are subject to the
Guild's Workshop Policy.