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The guild offers both courses and workshops. Below are the details of the courses. Click on Course heading for more information

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Online Courses/Lectures

  Festival of Lace  Conference held in February 2021 is now available online to stream or download.
There are 10 Conference lectures + plus bonus tour of Lace Exhibition at Gallery76 to view at your leisure.

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By Attendance

  Extensions 2021
Effie Mitrofanis
Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 March 2021 
Saturday 8 May 2021
Saturday 14 Aug 2021
Saturday 30 Oct 2021

Introduction to Embroidery: stitches and techniques
An introduction to stitches, a wide variety of techniques and their historical context. No experience needed.


Stitch and Design Course

Continuing in 2021 for students that previously enrolled in 2019, 2020.
Build on skills in stitching techniques and use them in innovative ways.

CS&D - Machine Embroidery Elective
Kath Wilkinson
13 Feb, 13 March, 10 April

CS&D - Whitework Embroidery Elective
Helen Parsons
8 May, 12 Jun, 10 July

CS&D- Counted Thread Embroidery Elective
Barbara Alum
14 Aug, 11 Sept, 9 Oct

Practical Teaching Skills
Learn the art of teaching. More...
  Judge's Accreditation
Develop skills as a professional judge of the needle arts. More...

By Post

Creative Correspondence Course
Popular course that builds embroidery technique alongside an individual sense of colour and design. More...
Silk Ribbon Embroidery
For anyone who would love the confidence to work with delicate silk ribbons. More...
  Creative Canvas Embroidery
A creative journey - explore stitches & techniques, use mixed media, study contemporary artists & styles. More...
Practical Teaching Skills
Learn the art of teaching. More...